“I had a great experience with this company.!”

I had a great experience with this company.! They were always available to take my calls any time of day…. I also liked the fact that it’s a family company!

They bought my house and land from me after my husband passed. I just couldn’t take care of the land and animals myself and just wanted to downsize… another plus is that they have a real estate company they partner with so they also found me another home that worked better for my needs (that went GREAT too).

Thank you Kris and crew at Home Investors of America!!

MaryAnne Hubbard


What Others Say…

It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, check out what others have said about us. Here’s just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.

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Review 1


“Thank You Very Much for being respectful, honest, fair and for closing on time!”

We received many postcards and letters from other companies, we felt very comfortable with you and appreciated how you were able to handle everything smoothly.

We got $27,106.91 from the sale after the bank was paid off in full!

Thank you very much for being fair, honest and closing on time  just as you agreed to do!

William and Stacy Kendall, Stafford VA




Wonderful working with Robert!

“It was a relief to sell my uncle’s property so quickly and for cash after he died. It was in bad shape and I had no desire or money to fix anything, plus, it had a bad septic system that was going to cost over $20 grand to replace. big “thanks” to Kristopher and his group of fabulous employees at his company home investors of america.”

- Bree Schumann

“Was great working with Kris to sell my house.I was not in a distressed situation but I got a good offer so I decided to sell. He gave us plenty of time to move out and find our current home before we closed. Also helped pay for a moving truck. Thank you!”

- Carl Winford

“I received a call from a sweet young lady in the Home Investors office saying they were interested in my house and I am so glad I did! I have been looking to downsize but i did not want to have to remodel my outdated kitchen since it can be very expensive!
I just sold my house to Kris at Home Investors. He came to the house and looked at it, and offered me a good price right there on the same day. We negotiated and came together on a price, signed the contract at my kitchen table, and then went to closing three weeks after.
I had a wonderful experience and recommended him to a few of my friends, one of which actually sold her house to him too! (Plus, I got paid for passing her along to him after they closed)”

- Joan Bourque

“Kris JUST now left my home. We had a scheduled appointment for him to look at our house today. He was on time, friendly, knowledgeable, and sympathetic to our situation.
He gave us an offer on site, and explained the reasoning behind the offer. We agreed to his price and signed a short contract all while sitting on our deck. We sold our house in UNDER 45 minutes and didn’t even have to go anywhere.
The last step to this is closing on it, and the attorney is going to get us in next week.
Next stop, Washington state!
Thanks you, Kris!”

- Crystal Hodges

“Kris was customer-focused as we began the process selling our home. He educated us through the process, expressed concern of our situation, and answered all questions from us. We are fully satisfied with all aspects of the transaction. Overall, selling to Home Investors was a great experience and 100% better than waiting to sell with a real estate company and paying all of those ridiculous fees.
After the sale, he even got us in touch with a realtor they work with so we could purchase our next home.

P.S.- We made enough money off of selling our old house to use as a down payment on our current home.”

- Freddy Schneider

“Kristopher- The professionalism, access, and transparency that your team offered was refreshing in a difficult time such as letting go of my childhood home. The transition from the house I have known my whole life (80 years!!) to an assisted living facility was made so much easier by selling to you. You can tell that this company trains its team members to value people and to make the relationship mutually beneficial for all. My only regret is that I did not find them sooner. Thank You Kris and team at Home Investors of America!”

- Mona Ward

“After paying a Realtor having showings and inspections where things need to be repaired for the sale, keeping the utilities on and negotiating with a buyer over the sale price, the offer was not that far off,” -William B.

“Did a very good job”

“Home Investors Of America did a very good job. They were quick and when they promise you a couple weeks – they give all they have. They will work 100% with you on everything!”

- Flora Gallagher

“Honest and Straightforward”

It was great working with you guys. From the start you guys were honest and straightforward. Despite my skepticism about the whole “we buy houses” marketing you did everything you said you would and it couldn’t have been a smoother transaction. I will absolutely recommend you guys.

- Harvey Cooper

“Everything went just how he said it would.”

I came across a video ad of Kris talking about the process of buying homes. I decided that this is the route we needed to take to sell our home (and second home that we rented out) in order to finalize our divorce. Everything went just how he said it would in the video. Filled out some information online, talked to him and scheduled the meeting time, let Kris check both homes out, then discussed his offer, accepted it, got the sale to them finalized, and now I have my money. I can honestly say this experience was fast, and hassle free.

- Levi Martin