Which “We Buy Houses for Cash” Signs can you actually TRUST?

“We Buy Houses” signs. They’re EVERYWHERE. Shopping centers, intersections, side roads, signs in the grass, signs on posts, signs all over the place. With so many choices, how do you know who’s legit, and who’s not? Here area a few steps to determine if the company is legitimate:

  1. How are the signs made?  Are they real signs that were clearly professionally made? Or are they handwritten poster boards cut in half…? Odds are, if they can’t even get real signs, how are they going to afford to have cash on hand to buy your home?
    Un-professional sign, hand made.
    Example of a professional sign.










2.  Google is your best friend! One of the easiest ways to spot a fraudulent “company” is by looking up the phone number on the sign. Does it come up with a real company? If so, do they have a legitimate website?

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3. Reviews: Checking reviews is a great way to decipher real companies from “wanna be” companies. Searching for reviews on places like Google, Yelp, and FaceBook will tell you A LOT about the company, and the people who work there. If they have no reviews, or very few, either they have no experience, or have scammed people. However, if they have many GOOD reviews on reviewing websites, that is a good sign!

4. Social Media: Being a great company means keeping up with their social media pages and engaging with their followers. If you came across a sign on the side of the road and decide to check them out on FaceBook, how often are they posting? If they don’t post much, and do not engage with followers, then most likely they aren’t good with staying in contact with clients. I have heard this countless times from clients.


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