What are the Benefits of Selling my Home to an Investor?

So you’re thinking about selling your homes to an investor? GREAT! Do you know the benefits of selling to an investor? Well, there are quite a few. Today I am going to walk you through a few of the BEST reasons to sell to an investor over listing your home.

  1. Investors are going to Buy your home in whatever condition it’s in. 

An Investor is not going to ask you to make changes to your home before they purchase. Investors buy As-Is.  Of course it’s a plus for us if you’ve done any recent remodeling, but we will take your home how it is. We are already aware of what needs to be done, and we take care of everything after we purchase the home. Since we buy homes in any condition, don’t hesitate to call us to give you an offer even if the extent of the damage is large.

Before and After Example

2. No Commission Fees and no Closing Costs. 

Commission When Selling With an Agent

Since the sale of your home is directly to an investor, there is no real estate agent necessary. A typical commission cut for an agent to sell your home is around 6%. So, let’s say you’re listing your home with an agent. They list your home for $150,000 and get a contract for that price. Your realtor will walk away with $9,000! ( +/-, based on the commission splits and if another agent is involved) That is A LOT of money! Selling to an investor is as simple as going to buy a new shirt. You see the product, exchange money, and boom-new shirt. That’s it! We will view your home, make an offer, and sign a contract. It’s that simple. No unnecessary money is spent on your part! Another HUGE cost that the investor covers is the closing costs. We want to make this as easy and stress free for the client as possible. Let’s take the home from an earlier example. If you’re selling a $150,000 home, your closing costs will most likely be anywhere in the ballpark of $3,000 to $7,500! So, you will have essentially saved upwards of $16,500 just by skipping over an agent and selling the home directly to an investor.

3. Fast Closing Date 

Let’s be honest here. Who wants to wait weeks to get to closing for their home? No one. We don’t want to wait long either! We will close on your home in as little as one week from the time you accept our offer. A typical closing takes place anywhere from 3 weeks, to 4 weeks. If you want to just get your home off your hands, then that’s too long.






4. Investors can Help you Avoid Foreclosure 

If you’re behind on your mortgage and just can’t seem to dig yourself out of this hole, we can give you a cash offer and help you out of this sticky situation. Avoid getting foreclosed on. Do not be afraid to reach out to us for help! Our goal is to help our clients with whatever they need! Your best interest is taken into consideration through the whole process.


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