What Are My Options When I Inherit a Home in Virginia?

One of the biggest questions we get asked, is “What are my options when I inherit a home?” Inheriting  a home in Fredericksburg, Stafford, or Spotsylvania can be stressful.

Inherit a home recently and don’t want to go through the hassle of listing with an agent and possibly get NO showings? Maybe the property needs too much updating that you just simply cannot afford. Or, maybe your reason is as simple as just wanting to get rid of it ASAP.

  1. Make Sure the Price is Right: If the home is priced too high, odds are it’s going to take quite a while to sell. Take into consideration the value, but also the repair cost. We’ll discuss why this is important later.
  2. Avoid “Emotional Pricing”: Try not to price based on memories you have in the home. It’s definitely tough to sell the home for anything less than the “value”  if you grew up in the home or raised your family there, etc. You want to meet in the middle of fair AND realistic.
  3. Build in the Repair Costs to the Overall Costs: Lets just say, for example, your home is worth $250,000. We come in, assess the things that need to be repaired, and discover that there is at least $65,000 in repairs to be made. We’ll subtract the repair estimate from the home value and get $185,000. We will then have to work in our profit margin, and eventually come to an offer of $145,000. *not real, or accurate numbers. just an example*
  4. How Stress- Free the Transaction is with us: It is SO incredibly easy to get an offer on your home. The first thing you’re going to want to do is call us (540)288-4004, or go to our website, WeBuyHousesQuick.com     You’ll provide us with some information on the property so we can go over some things and look at the information provided. After we do that, we will come out and look at the property, and give you your all cash offer.  If we’re both happy with the offer, we will get the contract signed, and close on 14 days or less. You’ll leave closing with cash in hand! IT’S THAT SIMPLE! 
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